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When it comes to ordering an over the counter bladder control supplement, you don't want to just head off to your local pharmacy. Yes, they do have at home pills that are said to alleviate the symptoms of an overactive bladder.


Most users report little to no positive benefits from taking these supplements. Some even report headaches. The problem with these over the counter supplements is the label claims you need to take them for at least a month before you see significant results.

Do you really want WAIT A MONTH and HOPE FOR RESULTS?

We didn't think so. With Flotrol you know it has been clinically proven to work within just the first week. And it only keeps getting better as the weeks go by.

Don't wait to start getting your life back, TAKE IT BACK with Flotrol!

The only place you can get the original Flotrol Natural Bladder Support Supplement is from their official site. You can visit it at www.Flotrol.com.

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