Symptoms of Bladder Infections In Men and Women

What Are Bladder Infections?

Before we explain the symptoms we are going to start with defining what bladder infections are. These are infections that specifically affect the urinary tract. This is one of the most common health infections that are seen by doctors in the United States. In fact, over 8 million people visit their doctor because of a suspected bladder problem.

bladder_infection_painIt’s important to be able to detect the symptoms of a bladder problem when they develop. With quick treatment you can usually avoid any disruption to the kidneys and chronic conditions. These are especially important to remember for those over the age of thirty as you are more prone to getting an infection.

For Men

It’ true that men experience less bladder infections than women. This is simply due to the different in anatomy of the male and female body. These are the symptoms you should be watching out for…

Frequent Urination: If you notice you are starting to make more frequent visits to the restroom than what you usually due this is the first sign that something is just not right. The only things that can change the frequency of your natural urination other than an infection is taking new medications, an extreme change in your diet or climate.

Strong Urination Urge: When you get the extreme urge to use the restroom, but when you get there you don’t let out or your let out very little urine this should raise a red flag that something is just not right.

Burning Urination: Experiencing sharp and burning pain when you urinate or when you are done urinating is a very serious problem and you should seek assistance from your doctor immediately.

Cloudy or Smelling Urine: If you notice your urine is looking frothy, cloudy, or starting to smell foul it’s likely you are in the initial stages of a urinary infections.

Bloody Urine: This should be a very obvious symptom that something is very wrong. This condition can’t be left untreated as it will start to affect other areas of your urinary tract.

For Women

Due to the way the female body is connected women tend to experience a greater number of urinary problems than men. The urethra is in a much shorter proximity to the vagina and anus than in males. This makes females significantly more vulnerable to urinary tract infections. These are the symptoms you should be watching out for…

Bloody Urine: This should signal to you immediately that something is very wrong. You should seek medical assistance right away to prevent future spread of the infection in the urinary tract.

Stinging Sensation: When you urinate and feel a stinging sensation on the lips of the vagina it’s likely you have developed a bladder infection.

Treatments For Bladder Infections

There are several different treatments for bladder infections. Speaking to your doctor about which one is best for your individual infections is the best thing you can do to cure it. It’s likely they will prescribe to you one of the following courses of treatments…

Antibiotics: This is the primary treatment against bladder infections for both men and women. If you catch the infection early you should only need minimal medications that last under a week. If your infection however has been present for a longer period of time where it has reached the kidneys your doctor will prescribe more powerful treatment that will need to be taken for much longer.

drinking_lots_of_water_can_help_prevent_urinary_infections_of_the_bodyMore Fluids: Drinking a good amount of fluids, like cranberry juice and water, can help to encourage the bladder to empty itself. This will flush out harmful bacteria from the body.

OTC Antiseptics: These medications will work to ease the symptoms of your bladder infection. They can be used as an initial treatment before you can speak to your doctor as well as a supplementary medication while you are waiting for your antibiotic to kick in.

Warming Pads: Sometimes bladder infections will cause a dull pain in the abdomen or back. Using a mild heating pad can soothe away the pain while your medications take care of fighting the infection.

Prevention Measures You Should Be Taking

Drinking Lots Of Water Each Day: This is probably one of the most important things that people can do to promote good urinary health and prevent infections from developing. Consuming about eight liters of water each day will ensure your body gets enough fluid to flush out the urinary tract, taking harmful bacteria with it.

Good Hygiene Practices: For men this involves daily washing of the genitals to ensure the outside of them is free from infection and spreading harmful germs. For women it’s imperative to always wipe from the front to the back so that no bacteria is left on the outside of the vagina.

flotrol_pills_bottleRegular Checkups: A great proactive approach to protect yourself against urinary infections is to be vigilant and check in with your doctor regularly.

Bladder Supplements: A daily dose of bladder health supplements can only be beneficial to making sure your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to build up a strong bladder. You can try out the Flotrol Supplement by clicking here.