Pumpkin Seed Oil Extract For Overactive Bladder Control

An overactive bladder is a very common problem that over fifteen percent of the United States population is currently suffering from. This is a condition where you have the urge to urinate often. Many times when you get to the bathroom you will notice that you hardly pass any urine. While other times you may not even make it to the bathroom before your body involuntary release urine.pumpkin_seed_extract_improves_your_overall_bladder_health

This condition can be very frustrating and cause embarrassment. Many suffers will tend to avoid any social gatherings and limit their work schedule to avoid any unwanted accidents. If left untreated, your overactive bladder can and will start controlling the way you live your life.

How Can Pumpkin Seed Oil Extract Cure My Bladder Problems?

The proven science behind this natural herb broke through back in 2008 with tremendous results in patients suffering from overactive bladder. The results showed…

  • A 79% Reduction In Incontinence Episodes
  • A 39% Decrease In Daytime Urination
  • A 68% Decline In Nighttime Urination

The truth behinds this pumpkin seed oil extract actually was discovered by the Native Americans. It was used back in the 1500s as an herbal solution to facilitate more natural passage of urine. Since then this herb has been tested and proven effective in individuals suffering from bladder control issues.

Why Does Pumpkin Seed Extract Work?

The water-soluble pumpkin seed extract works as an anabolic. This means that it effectively builds tissue muscles in the pelvic floor muscles. This herb also works by binding to the androgen receptor on the pelvic muscle cells which results in a strengthening effect. This creates a massive improvement in your pelvic floor structural integrity, the muscles that control your bladder functions.

How Can I Get This?

flotrol_pills_bottlePumpkin seed extract is one of the main ingredients inside of Flotrol Bladder Support Supplement. This provides an easy to use and simple dosage of pumpkin seed extract every day for those individual users. It’s by far the simplest way to ensure that you get this unique herb into your daily diet to improve your overall bladder health. You can learn more about Flotrol by visiting here.